Sept Update

Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood


September Update!

 Our next neighborhood meeting will be 7:00 PM September 25th @ Smokey's Bean located at 1451 S 1st St  (Location Subject to Change)

We will be hosting  Vanessa Burns, Director from Public Works for this meeting.  She will be there to take questions regarding her interaction with our neighborhood, street cleaning, Metro 311 Processes and what we can do to help her as a neighborhood.

Member Information:

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Monday (9-22-14)

Area 6 Routes 1-2

Area 6 Routes 3-4

Tuesday (9-23-14)

Area 6 Routes 3-4

Area 6 Routes 5-6

Wednesday (9-24-14)

Area 6 Routes 5-6

Area 6 Routes 7-8

Thursday (9-25-14)

Area 6 Routes 7-8

Area 5 Routes 9-10

Friday (9-26-14)

Area 6 Routes 9-10

Area 6 Routes 11-12

Monday (9-29-14)

Area 6 Routes 11-12

Area 7 Routes 1-2

Yard Waste Containers: 


All indications from retailers and waste haulers are that some residents of Louisville Metro have already begun switching to approved containers for their yard waste ahead of the January 1, 2015 start of mandatory compliance with the new Yard Waste Container Regulation. This is great news that can help us build momentum going into the full awareness and education campaign. It is energizing to see residents already on board with this important initiative.


As you probably know, the regulation prohibits the use of regular household plastic bags for yard waste. Several no-cost and low-cost alternatives that can actually lead to healthier lawns are prescribed.


To continue this great start and to encourage all residents to use these alternatives during the 2014 fall leaf season we have attached to this email a flyer detailing the Changes to Yard Waste Collection and listing Helpful Hints for Handling Yard Waste at Home.  The flyer provides information both on how to make your yard healthier by using your leaf mulch and grass clippings and, if you need to have yard waste collected, detailed information on what your options are for the service.


More information, along with tools for promoting the campaign are on our website,  The site is being built out with public service announcements, short messages that can be inserted into newsletters and e-blasts, scripts and pre-recorded files for phone messaging, and more. We also have links to detailed information and videos from Michigan State University’s Turfgrass Sciences Extension. Michigan State is a national leader in training young professionals in maintaining golf courses, athletic fields, and home lawn care programs.


We also want you to know we can attend and speak at your community meetings, help with newsletter articles, or provide other educational services at your request.


We would like to make this a smooth transition for Jefferson County residents.  In order to help spread awareness of this regulation we are asking that you post our website link to any websites with which you are affiliated. We also request that you distribute this material at events in your community.


If you need additional information, have any questions about the new regulation, or would like to request the service of the Education Coordinator, please visit our website at, or contact Louisville Metro Government’s Solid Waste Management Services Division at (502) 574-3571.

Ghost Walk

This Friday, September 19, there will be a casting call from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Old Louisville Information Center in Central Park for anybody interested in having a part in this year's Victorian Ghost Walk.  You don't need to be there the whole time; come and go as you like.


There are still lots of parts to fill, from non-speaking parts to two-line parts to five-minute monologues, so spread the word and come prepared to share your talents! We need people who can commit to all three nights (October 17, 18, 19).


Please come and help us out!

Alley Cleanup

Hey Everyone,

Alley Cleanup this Saturday, September 20, 2014!!!!

Meet at the Center of the Court at about 9am...we will be cleaning the Alleys, weeding and trimming trees!!!!

Dismis will be here...

Brightside will furnish brooms , bags, gloves...and whatever else I can find when Craig and I go get the tools on Friday!!!

PIZZA at the end of the Cleanup!


For those of you who can not work on Saturday...PLEASE have the Alley behind your home clean before Saturday Morning...this will enable those of us who are working to concentrate on the areas we normally do not get to work on for lack of time.  


It is getting really close to dues paying time!!!  We have accomplished much this Summer...Trees, painting flowerpots, painting light poles, cleaning alleys, trimming trees, paying for Liability Insurance, having fundraisers, contributing to the National Night Out, contributing to Central Park Cleanup, being active in OLNC (paying dues)...having cookouts, having FUN...and even MORE!!!

Please pay your 2015 dues (and your 2014, if you have not paid them!!!) asap...$25.00 for the YEAR!


Thanks for all you do to make our Neighborhood the best it can be...and if you do not do anything...then please START!!!

Joan Stewart