August 2017


Meeting Start Time - 7:06 PM

Location - Fort George (1261 S Floyd Street)

Open and Welcome - Dan (and gave a brief history of Fort George)

Approval of July TTNA minutes - Motion seconded and approved

August Treasurer's Report -Joan

  • Joan passed around paper copies of TTNA expenses and monthly ending balance for the period July 25th through August 23rd 2017.
  • We are still waiting on 2 SpringFest Sponsorship checks to come in: $4k from Councilman James, and $2,500 from OLNC

Restoration of Toonerville Trolley Park - Dan

  • Metro Parks has allocated funds in the 2018 budget for playground equipment and to remove two unhealthy trees.
  • The playground equipment will be installed between the old gymnasium gate and the community garden.
  • The design choices for the playground equipment will be made and equipment will be ordered in September, and installation will take 3 to 4 months total to complete.

Fort George Fence: Need to make a decision on moving forward with one of the following bids for replacing the Fort George Fence

  1. Louisville Dirt Jobs - $24,580 total, breaks down to Aluminum Fence labor and materials ($21,562) Demolition ($3,018)
  2. Lowes - $8,299 total, includes materials labor, removal and hauling of old fence
  3. Pohl Iron and Wire - $57,014, replace all fence with iron fence
  4. Lally Construction - $10,493 total, breaks down to $5,693 for new fence labor and materials, and $4,800 for demolition and hauling old fence.

VOTE - Motion to accept Lally Construction bid, contingent on receiving the $4,000 donation from Councilman James for SpringFest. Vote passed with all in favor and none opposed. Note: We will explore options for saving as many trees along the fence line as possible by moving the fence a few feet East from the original fenceline.

Tree Planting project for 1300 Floyd Street - Chris Glasser

  • General application for tree planting as well as tree species and locations has been completed for the tree planting project at the 1300 block of Floyd Street.
  • Next step is door-to-door canvassing to obtain permission and signed MOAs (memoranda of understanding) for the homeowners at the tree planting locations.
  • A temporary "tree planting" committee will be formed to help with the tree canvassing of homeowners.
  • We still need to establish an official date for the tree planting, and the city requires 30 day advanced notice.

Please consider stepping up as a TTNA Board Member in 2018 - Elections are in December.

Please consider stepping up to be on the SpringFest 2018 Planning Committee - first meeting begins in December.

Meeting End -7:59 PM