July 2017


Meeting Start Time – 7:05 PM

Location - Old Louisville Pizza & Pub at 1st and Oak Street

Open and Welcome – Dan Mason

Approval of April minutes – Josef seconded and approved

Updated content on TTNA neighborhood site – Anything you want to add to the neighborhood website? Let us know!

July Treasurers Report – Joan

·         Squarespace account needs to be moved from Phil to treasurer (Joe to reach out to Phil)

·         Waiting on Springfest Donation from Councilman James

·         Mark Stallard sidewalk cleaning. If you see any dumping or any street cleaning that needs to be done, tell Dan and Joan so we can pass along to Mark Stallard. Also call in 311 Metrocall for large items that need to be picked up.

New TTNA Banners have been hung and repaired – Dan and Joan

·         There are still 2 TTNA street banners left. Consensus was to hang both of the remaining banners on Floyd Street.

Update on Springfest discussion for 2018 – Dan and Joan

·         Dan has to step back from planning SpringFest in 2018, so others are encouraged to step up and take the lead next year.

·         We had about 125 Vendors, Artists, and Food Trucks at Spring Fest last year.

·         2018 Planning committee kicks off in December 2017: one meeting in December, and one meeting in January, and planning ramps up more in the Spring leading up to the festival.

Fort George update – Nancy

·         The damaged tree has been taken down. We will put down grass where the tree fell down. Fort George is private property so we can put down new trees anywhere we want on the property without specific permission. Doug offered $100 donation towards a new tree at Fort George. Luv-It Landscaping might donate a tree.

Tree Planting Project: 1300 Block of Floyd – Chris Glasser

·         There is a plan in motion to plant 25 to 30 trees along the 1300 Block of Floyd some time in October

·         Support needed from Toonerville

·         The city has a list of approved trees. With wide easement, we could plant some big B and C sized trees. The city has trees and they have a permit one has to fill out to plant trees in the public right of way. To submit this permit, we need approval from neighbors who live next to the right of way. The owner is responsible for replacing the new tree, if it ever dies, so we need community buy in and people living adjacent need to approve planting it. There are grants to reimburse for new trees you plant. Reimbursement only happens after the planting.

·         Chris Glasser is also part of B4L, (Bicycling for Louisville). B4L would like to share the event with TTNA and OLNC, and share the responsibility of recruiting volunteers for the planting. We’re going to need volunteers to actually plant the trees.

Motion to plant trees at 1300 Block of Floyd – Seconded and Approved.

New Business:

·         There have been recurring issues with all 3 houses immediately South of Toonerville Deli: 311 campaign and contact the mayor? Garbage and syringes and ambulances.

·         We need a fence for Fort George. Next meeting [August] will focus on getting bids for the fence and making a decision to move forward on fence replacement.

Motion to adjourn, seconded.

Meeting End – 8:10 PM