April 2017

April 27, 2017

Start 6:57 PM

Location:  Commercial space at NW corner of Floyd & Oak Street

Open and Welcome – Ray/Joan

Approval of February and March Minutes (Available on website) – Approved and seconded the minutes

Treasurer’s Report - Joan

·         Joan passed around paper treasurer’s report.

·         2 checks for Mark Stallard for street cleaning. 1 check for bookkeeper, but that cost was offset by neighborhood benefactor.

·         Various Springfest related expenses.

·         $900 restricted funds moved into a savings account. The $900 was earmarked for Fort George.

·         Paypal account has around $10k of Springfest related funds, that will eventually be transferred to Republic Bank Account.

Updated Content on the Neighborhood Website – Joe

New documents added to the website in the “Welcome” Section:

1.       501c3 Approval letter from IRS

2.       TTNA original articles of incorporation (last amended August 2004)

3.       TTNA bylaws (last amended October 2004)

4.       Fort George Deed (October 2009)

Old Louisville Parents Group

·         If you see new young families with strollers who you don't recognize, encourage them to join the Old Louisville Parents group on Facebook! We are trying to improve Old Louisville's reputation as a premier neighborhood of choice to raise children in Metro Louisville.

Food Pantry for Engelhard Elementary Children

·         Take food to Unity Church, Monday through Thursday. Food is being held there.

·         90%+ are on free or reduced lunch at Engelhard.

·         Over the summer program.

·         Ask Dan to put a reminder in the email.

·         School Supplies drive?

VOTE: TTNA “whistle blower policy”

·         Amended. Motioned to approve. Seconded. Approved.

VOTE: TTNA banners. Install 15 instead of 12?

·         Motion for 15 banners. Seconded. Approved. 15 banners will be installed.

Toonerville Trolley Park and Fort George Cleanup – Nancy

·         Tree is coming down May 8th. Limbwalkers is taking down the sugar maple.

Springfest 2017

·         We have Springfest cards we can hand out. Joan already handed a box of the cards out.

·         We have 100 Springfest posters, they need to go up everywhere. Take a few and help distribute them.

·         TTNA Booth at Springfest – Signup Genius for Toonerville booth.

·         Separate signup genius for volunteering for Springfest generally.

·         We met our fundraising goal of $25,000

Springfest Fan Signs - $50 to show your support and get 2 tickets to the post-event garden party. You can buy the signs on the Toonerville website (www.ttnalouisville.org) and donating $50 with the note/comment “TTNA Springfest Fan”

Old Louisville Crashers playing at Central Park

TREE Planting: Money from Springfest towards tree planting? Hoses too short to water the trees? PIC committee, Herb Fink loves trees. Erin Thompson, arborist. Plant trees in the fall. LG&E matching grant? Start a tree committee.

New Business and closing

Motion to adjourn

Meeting End – 7:47 PM