March 2017

March 23, 2017

Meeting called to order by Dan Mason. Secretary absent so minutes will be taken by Todd Lewis

February 2017 minutes were not prepared in time and so will be reviewed for approval at April meeting

March treasurer’s report presented by Joan Stewart:

  • Reviewed old records from 2016
  • Joan has been working with CPA
  • 2 names per check now needed
  • Reminder we are a 501(c)(3) so contributions are tax deductible
  • Statement of financial condition / balances
  • Current account activity presented
  • CPA Margaret doing a 990 for the Assn.
  • CPA invoice shown for $647.50, will be paid
  • A point or question that we agreed to pay once for CPA to get “on track”
  • We are paying for street cleaning. Invoice $209. This includes sidewalks and adjacent areas, leaves and trash

Springfest update: $500 from various businesses received, some up to $2000.     --            Contribution from CM James expected $3500 to $5000.

  • The band will cost $800
  • Bulk mail will go to everyone in neighborhood to remind of festival and street closing times
  • 200+ booths, live music, food trucks
  • Evan Williams distillery giving 4 cases bourbon, assorted other liquors, for our bourbon slushy sales.       
  • expect a special run Springfest beer from Old Louisville Brewery
  • Everyone please share on Facebook
  • This is biggest $ maker for TTNA
  • Remember to order a fan sign for Springfest, $50
  • TTNA booth:  organized by Todd and Kara Lewis, everyone needs to sign up for a volunteer time to work. Take pictures to post on or FB fan page, charge $5 per person
  • Any photo props that anyone can bring or borrow appreciated

Neighborhood spring cleaning: (1) exit ramp at St. Catherine (no volunteers); (2) Ft. George—the Millers will head up, announce dates work is needed. (3) Mark Stollard I paid $10 to clean, Dan Mason will inquire if this can include Ormsby “chute” from I-65 to Floyd Street, particularly trashy right now.  

Ft. George update: present bids from LimbWalker ($4300) and Louisville Tree Service ($2975). The latter includes taking down rotten maple tree, but both otherwise include same various trimming. Approve by motion and consent LimbWalker IF they agree to add taking down rotten maple in the price. Discussion re: tulip poplar. Agreed it will be trimmed, not cut down.

Question whether Gray family will put $ toward Ft. George maintenance. Dan Mason will inquire.

Question re replacing Ft. George back fence. Nothing approved yet

CM James update:

  • Street sweeping: “alleys are not part of this” point: whether this is problem in new alley behind Ft. George due to special maintenance need
  • Sidewalk work:   unclear where this will include. Making curbs ADA compliant
  • Street paving:     unclear where this will include. Brook Street pretty bad. Call in street maintenance problems to 311 or use 311 App.
  • Grocery stores in OL: CM James says no current interest, but a rumor that some retailers are looking at old Winn Dixie site.

Next meeting: 4/27/17, location TBA. Maybe Ft. George with a rain-site backup location