September 2017


Meeting Start Time - 7:06 PM

Location - Old Louisville Pizza & Pub (1st & Oak Street adjacent to Toonerville Deli)

Toonerville Crime & Safety update - Jessica Morrison 4th division resource officer

  • Introduced Jason Grissom, new officer in the 4th division.
  • Arrests (drug related) were made at the problematic buildings at 1203 1st street, 3 occupants were arrested. Issues should be resolved for the time being.
  • Shot Spotter microphones (for detecting gunshots and responding in real time) are installed in Shelby Park and Old Louisville. The information feeds directly to a mobile phone app to law enforcement so they can respond to gunshots quickly. Shot spotter can distinguish gunshots from fireworks, firecrackers, etc. All shot spotter detections for the previous 7 days (prior to TTNA meeting) were East of I-65 in Shelby Park.
  • If you see prostitution activity, please take a picture of the license plates in involved and call it in. Suspicious but non-emergency activity can be called in to 574-7111.

Approval of August TTNA meeting minutes - seconded and approved.

September Treasurer's Report - Joan

  • Paper copies of Treasurer's report were circulated.
  • $588.87 charge was for the services of our new professional bookkeeper, $450 charge for private street and sidewalk cleaning, deposit from Councilman James came through.

Toonerville Trolley Park update

  • New Playground Equipment has been ordered and will be installed in the next 3-4 months. We chose "option 2" and bright paint colors.

Fort George Fencing

  • Lally was selected as the contractor and a revised quote has been received. The association voted to move forward with fence replacement in August. New estimate is $9,628. The fence will be moved in away from the treeline by 3 feet and new posts will be added to the south side fence line as well.

OLNC (Old Louisville Neighborhood Council) updates - Ray Robinson

  • Virtue Bar owners came to OLNC meeting. Their liquor license only goes to midnight. Having open house tomorrow 5-7 PM. They do not appear to be a strip club as was previously thought.
  • Old Louisville Live is one of the main uses of OLNC funds as a way to give back to the community, because the benefit goes to everyone, versus scholarships which are much more concentrated.
  • OLNC is thinking of starting a Spring Home Tour, to complement the Holiday Home Tour?


  • Please consider stepping up as a TTNA board memeber in 2018 - elections will be in December - we need to identify candidates for: President, Vice President, Treasuer, Secretary, and two Executive Board Members.
  • Please consider stepping up to be on the Springfest 2018 Planning Committee - meetings need to begin in December.
  • Old Louisville Parents Group - please join other Old Louisville Parents and kiddos at 1328 S Brook Street at 10 AM on October 14th for a neighborhood brunch hosted by Duncan and Jacqueline Smith. For more info, email -
  • Tree Planting - We still need to get memoranda of understanding signed for property owners along the 1300 block of Floyd Steet, in order to have a tree planting. A small group will go door-to-door to try to collect completed forms.

Meeting End - 7:36 PM