December 2016

December 22, 2016

Location - Toonerville Deli, 1201 S 1st Street

Meeting Start - 6:08 PM

Open and Welcome - Dan Mason

Meeting Minutes - Todd motioned to approve November 2016 meeting minutes, Ray seconded.

Treasurers Report - All funds have been moved from US Bank to Republic Bank. Joan circulated paper copies of the Treasurer's report for the month. Joan and Josef now both have the ability to access the Republic Bank accounts online to check balances or to sign checks for backup/redundancy. The official TTNA mailing address has been moved to the following P.O. Box, and this new address is now updated on the TTNA website:  

2312 South Preston Street, P.O. Box 17672, Louisville KY 40217

Spring Fest - Spring Fest is expanding to 3 days this year: Friday May 19th (4 PM to 9 PM), Saturday May 20th (10 AM to 9 PM), and Sunday May 21st (12 PM to 6 PM). Visit for more information. Working sessions for planning Spring Fest begin in January and we need all the volunteers and help we can get!

Fort George - Fort George is often used as a makeshift dog run, and most of the neighborhood is comfortable with that use. In order to assist in minimizing dog waste in the park, please donate any plastic grocery bags (Kroger bags, etc) to John Miller's front porch at 1254 S Floyd (North side of Fort George).

Street Cleaning -  TTNA and especially Dan Mason are pushing to get the streets in Toonerville re-cleaned following a very poor street cleaning by the city in December.

M124 Wet/Dry Vote will be held on January 10th. Precinct M124 is bounded by Preston, Oak, 1st, and Burnett, and was the only dry precinct remaining inside the Watterson Expressway. UPDATE: the vote passed in favor of WET with a final vote of 90 to 33.

TTNA Board Elections- The following officers were elected to the Toonerville Board

  • President - Dan Mason
  • Vice President - Ray Robinson
  • Treasurer - Joan Stewart
  • Secretary - Josef Spalenka
  • Executive Board Member - Nancy Woodcock
  • Executive Board Member - Kirkland Stewart

Meeting End - 6:57 PM