April 2016

April 25, 2016

Location - Burger Boy Diner, 1450 S Brook Street

Meeting Start - 7:05 PM

Welcome - Note the meeting location was changed at the last minute from Toonerville Deli to Burger Boy due to unforeseen circumstances (Toonerville Deli had to unexpectedly close early for the day)

Spring Fest update - Mari Lively

  • We are now up to 115-120 confirmed vendors so far for Spring Fest. But we still have room for 50-60 more booths. We are particularly looking for more artists, so if you know any artists who might do a Spring Fest booth, please encourage them to participate (deadline is May 6th)

  • We need more volunteers to help run Spring Fest and the Toonerville booth at Spring Fest. Please go to the Spring Fest website and sign up to be a volunteer! We need you!

Vacant Properties update - Karen Jaracz

  • We have had 3 vacant properties submitted to the Toonerville portal, and we have had progress on one that was stalled out (1261 Brook Street) thanks to Karen’s efforts contacting the city attorney that was handling the case.

  • To submit more properties to the Toonerville vacant properties portal, click the “Initiatives” tab on the Toonerville website and fill out the form.

  • This troubled properties portal is best for properties that are truly vacant/abandoned. Properties that are occupied but merely have code violations are better served by creating Metro 311 requests using the 311 App.

Metro Council questions - Councilman James Q & A

  • Councilman James stopped by at the end of the Toonerville meeting and took questions from those present.

  • CM James recommended that the best way to address any issues you see that the city might deal with (potholes, code violations at houses, etc) is to document the issue with the Metro 311 smartphone app. This creates a paper trail, photo evidence, and makes sure the case gets documented in the system. Calling on the phone is the worst possible way to make a 311 request, because it is slower and more error-prone to document the case. It is okay, and even desired to have multiple 311 calls regarding the same issue (the same pothole, for example), because “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and there is no problem with having multiple reports on the same issue cause confusion or delay.

  • CM James reported that he cannot move forward on the new dog park gates until the designs have been sent to his office, and as of the meeting they had not been sent.

  • CM James reported that he went to the all-Metro unified utility meeting. He reported that all street-breaking for utilities, water, gas, and everything else should be finished in Old Louisville BY NOVEMBER 2017, and after that time we can repave streets and sidewalks without fear of their being torn up again soon after.

  • CM James reported on his efforts to get police foot patrols and bicycle patrols in Old Louisville, since it is a dense urban neighborhood that would be well served by both foot and bike police patrols.

Toonerville social calendar

  • The June Toonerville Social will be a Garden Party held on Saturday, June 18th at Josef and Danielle Spalenka’s garden at 218 E Magnolia Ave. It will be a casual outdoor neighborhood party that we hope will be fun at any scale, so please contribute if you can by bringing either (1) a six-pack of beer, or (2) a bottle of wine to share, or (3) a tasty shareable snack or dessert. Hope to see you there!

Next Toonerville meetings

  • There will be no May TTNA meeting, so we can focus 100% on putting on a fantastic Spring Fest. The June TTNA meeting is not yet scheduled. Date, time, and location for the June meeting TBD.

Meeting End - 7:31 PM