March 2016

March 23, 2016

Location - Genscape (1140 Garvin Place)

Meeting Start - 7:10 PM

Welcome - Phil Beeson called the meeting to order and Josef Spalenka introduced the host and guest speaker, the CEO of Genscape (and Toonerville resident), Matthew Burkley.

Welcome from Host - Matthew Burkley

  • Matthew gave background of Genscape: the company was started in 1999 and initially focused on providing market data by monitoring electric power flows, and has since expanded to all energy commodities. Matthew gave a demo of the real-time power product.

  • Genscape moved to Old Louisville to a renovated warehouse building at 1140 Garvin Place in December 2015, from its previous location on East Market Street. There are currently 90 employees at the building with room to expand to as many as 300 in the future.

TTNA Meeting Minutes - Josef Spalenka

  • Motioned to approve the February 2016 minutes (circulated via email pdf and published to TTNA website) - 2nd motion - motion passed with all in favor.

TNZD Planning Commission Meeting update - Eric Cowley

  • Summarized outcome of the March 21st Planning Commission meeting on the Old Louisville TNZD: expanded uses will be permitted in the neighborhood center and neighborhood center transition areas to more closely align with the C-2 permitted use list, minus automobile-centric exclusions.

  • Map changes of neighborhood center and neighborhood center transition zones was denied, there will be no major changes to the TNZD map.

  • Denial of live/work units in the neighborhood general zone.

  • See previously emailed information or visit the Louisville Metro Planning Commission’s website for more details.

Toonerville Trolley Park & Dog Run Initiative - Dan Mason

  • The dog run in Toonerville Trolley Park is the only urban dog run in the city, and was primarily paid for and maintained by Toonerville.

  • The next step in cleaning up and rehabilitating Toonerville Trolley Park is to build and install 8 Metro-approved park benches with concrete bench pads, and do landscaping around the dog park. The cost is $17,600 for the benches and $2,500 for the landscaping. TTNA has $12,500 allocated, $1k from an Allstate grant, $1k in private donation, leaving an additional $5,600 that still needs to be raised.

  • There were no objections raised to paying LUV IT Landscaping to get started on the landscaping project around the dog run (no formal vote was taken).

  • Try to visit Toonerville Trolley Park and the Old Louisville Dog Run when you can, it’s our space!

Spring Fest Update - Dan Mason

  • Spring Fest is already fully funded (it costs approximately $18k to $20k each year to put on the festival).

  • As of March 23rd we already have 62 approved vendors. Our goal is to have 180 vendors this year. Most vendors typically sign up in the last 4-6 weeks.

  • New strategies this year: all electronic sign-up and payment, no paper transactions. We will be advertising widely including a bus campaign and in the Courier Journal, in addition to social media.

  • The Spring Fest donor party is April 16th at the home of Tom and Nancy Woodcock. To attend the donor thank-you party you must have purchased a Spring Fest Fan sign or otherwise donated to Spring Fest.

TTNA Housekeeping and Votes - Phil Beeson

  • The 2016 TTNA draft budget was circulated at the February TTNA meeting, as well as by email.

  • Vote to approve the 2016 TTNA budget: Doug Humble motioned to approve the budget - motion was seconded - budget approval vote passed with no votes against.

  • There is a new INITIATIVES tab on the TTNA website. Currently the link takes you to the new Troubled Properties initiative, where you can submit information about troubled, distressed, abandoned, and otherwise neglected properties so Toonerville can formally escalate their remediation with Metro Government.

  • Social Calendar: we are going to try to have a Toonerville Social Calendar for informal events, tavern visits and garden parties. Erin from Smokey’s Bean offered to host the first event (TBD).

  • Toonerville is also working on a Welcome Packet of both printed and electronic information that can be distributed to new residents when they move to the neighborhood. We are still looking for volunteers to help with that!

Meeting End - 7:46 PM

Mark You Calendars! The April Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association meeting will be held at 7 PM on April 25th, 2016 at The Toonerville Deli, 1201 S. 1st Street.