February 2016

February 29, 2016

Location - Queens Crown Lunch Box & Catering

Meeting Start - 7:15 PM

Welcome - Phil Beeson called the meeting to order and introduced the host and guest speaker, the owner of Queens Crown Lunch Box & Catering, Katrina Dawson.

Welcome from Host - Katrina Dawson

  • Trina has been cooking and catering for 20 years, and is excited to grow in her new space at the corner of 2nd and Oak in Old Louisville.

  • Her new business, Queen’s Crown Lunch Box & Catering serves as both a catering business, and a walk-in lunch and dinner diner with a rotating, evolving menu.

  • She is also envisioning offering ice-cream and soda fountain options in the near future.

  • The current hours are 9 AM - 9 PM Monday through Saturday.

  • On Sundays the space at Queens Crown is currently closed for meals, but instead hosts a clothing drive and outreach program to help feed and clothe the homeless.

  • Please check out, patronize, and welcome this fantastic new business in Old Louisville!

TTNA Meeting Minutes - Josef Spalenka

  • Dan Mason motioned to approve the January 2016 minutes (circulated via email pdf and published to TTNA website) - Doug Humble 2nd motion - motion passed with all in favor.

TTNA Financials - Eric Cowley & Doug Humble

  • The TTNA 2015 actual profit & loss financials were shared and printed copies were passed out for review.

  • The 2016 TTNA initial draft budget will be circulated via email, will be open for review and comment for one month, and will be voted on for approval at the March 2016 TTNA meeting.

TNZD vote and summary - Eric Cowley

  • Eric Cowley gave an overview of the proposed changes to the TNZD.

  • It was pointed out the the vast majority of the extension of the permitted commercial uses along the Oak Street corridor geographically occurs in Toonerville along the stretch of Oak Street from 1st to Floyd streets, so Toonerville has a large stake in the outcome of the zoning changes.

  • More information about the TNZD proposed changes is available via Louisville Metro Agenda and Meeting Portal.

Spring Fest update - Dan Mason

  • Spring Fest is May 20th and 21st 2016. Please help support Spring Fest in any way you can by volunteering, donating, throwing a Spring Fest house party and encouraging all of Louisville to come, as Spring Fest is the primary revenue source for the neighborhood association.

  • Spring Fest hours are expanded this year compared to previous years. This year it will run from 12 PM to 9 PM on Friday and 10 AM to 9 PM on Saturday.

  • Spring Fest fan signs can be purchased for $50, to help support and advertise the event. Becoming a Spring Fest Fan makes you eligible for 2 tickets to attend the Spring Fest VIP Event on April 23rd. Visit http://oldlouisvillespringfest.org/ for more information.

TTNA 2016 Survey Results Review - Phil Beeson

  • We had a high response to the survey and gathered valuable information: 88 survey respondents, of which 56 were Toonerville residents.

  • There is an interesting demographic split in that about half of the neighborhood has lived in Toonerville for more than 10 years, and the other half has lived in Toonerville for less than 3 years. This means we have a nice mix of historic perspectives as well as a recent influx of new residents and fresh perspectives.

  • For the things we have control over, such as street sweeping advocacy, litter pickup, and neighborhood association communication. We have seen improvements and residents are responding positively. For the things outside our immediate control, such as street repaving, sidewalk repair, and crime, we have to keep advocating to the city for improvements and attention.

  • For a complete PDF report of all the survey responses, please contact TTNA president Phil Beeson at: philipbeeson@ttnalouisville.org

Volunteer committees formation

  • Vacant properties - Karen Jaracz volunteered to spearhead the effort to see what TTNA can do to expedite and escalate issues with vacant houses in the neighborhood. The current plan is to see how we can both coordinate with the OLNC property improvement committee to avoid sending mixed messages to Metro government, but also see what can be done to bring more attention to the properties specifically within Toonerville.

  • Social Calendar - A primary goal for 2016 is to have more informal events such as garden parties and tavern socials, to help bring a wider group of the neighborhood together. We are on the lookout for a volunteer to be in charge of the Toonerville Social Calendar, to schedule and advertise such events!

  • Other Volunteer activities - If you feel passionate about a neighborhood project or initiative that you feel is not currently being addressed and want to work on it...Go For It! TTNA will support enthusiastic and passionate neighborhood volunteers any way that it can.

Video Surveillance Signs

  • Toonerville has purchased 45 “Under Video Surveillance” metal signs to post in the alleys as a crime deterrent and prevention strategy.

  • We are currently in discussion with LMPD 4th division about how best to deploy the signs, but keep an eye out in your email inbox for more information on opportunities to help host or hang the signs.

Meeting End - 8:22 PM


Mark Your Calendars! Our March Neighborhood meeting is currently set for March 23rd - 7PM at Genscape which has just relocated their offices to Old Louisville at 1140 Garvin Place.  We are planning the date of the meeting such that Matthew Burkley (Genscape CEO and Toonerville resident) can attend and give a brief guest talk on what Genscape does, why Genscape moved to Old Louisville, and how Genscape and Toonerville can partner together on neighborhood projects.