November 2016

November 17, 2016

Location - Old Louisville Tavern 2nd Floor

Meeting Start - 7:06 PM

Phil Beeson - Introduction and welcome to new members.

Meeting Minutes - The meeting minutes from both the July and October 2016 meetings were approved.

Treasurer Report - Joan passed out printed versions of the Toonerville financial statements as they currently stand. There is still more work to be done to completely close out the US Bank Account and roll everything into the Republic Bank account.

Insurance policy documents - as Secretary, Josef took possession of the TTNA proof of insurance policy documents for archiving.

Vote- Should TTNA sponsor the Old Louisville Holiday Home Tour for $500? (TTNA sponsored for this amount last year as well). Nancy motioned, Todd seconded, vote passed.

Springfest - Initial SpringFest planning meetings will begin soon. Please volunteer to help distribute the workload, as SpringFest is TTNA's main fundraising event for the year and allows us to fund neighborhood projects. SpringFest will be the 3rd week in May and will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this year.

Fort George - Nancy Woodcock gave a progress update on getting quotes for the fence at Fort George. Wrought iron was quoted at ~$57,000 and we are still waiting on quotes for black decorative aluminum fencing and chain link fence. We are also looking to get a quote from an arborist for removing the trees in the back fence line at Fort George.

Oak Street Cleaning - Ray Robinson shared his work cleaning the Oak Street Commercial corridor by picking up trash 3 days a week. TTNA neighbors are encouraged to join Ray in picking up litter every Wednesday morning at 9 AM starting at the Toonerville Deli and working westwards.

The next TTNA meeting/Winter Holiday Party is at Toonerville Deli, 1201 S 1st Street, from 6 PM to 8 PM. We will also elect new TTNA officers at that meeting. Please consider stepping up and volunteering to be TTNA President, Vice President, or Secretary for 2017!

Meeting End - 8:01 PM