October 2016

October 20, 2016


Location - Burger Boy Diner, 1450 S Brook Street


Meeting Start - 7:05 PM


Welcome - Phil Beeson and Dan Mason.


Meeting Minutes - The July 2016 Meeting Minutes were not approved, because they were not posted to the TTNA website and distributed. They will be posted and approved in time for the November TTNA meeting.



  • Joan Stewart was motioned and seconded as the new TTNA treasurer. The motion passed.

  • We are having trouble with the transition of the books from Eric Cowley to Joan Stewart. We may still get the help of a professional bookkeeper. We are aiming to have the books in order in time to start planning for Spring Fest.


Spring Fest Discussion - Dan Mason

  • We would like to extend the hours for Spring Fest next year, and also extend to Sunday as well for Spring Fest.

  • TTNA is also open to ideas for fundraising events that would potentially be more lucrative and less complex to plan than Spring Fest, such as a bourbon gala, auction, or party type event leveraging the houses and architecture in Old Louisville.


Neighborhood Improvement and Beautification Projects

  • The fence at Fort George remains a top priority project for spending TTNA funds. No meaningful progress has been made regarding design or quotes.


...Secretary Josef Spalenka had to leave at this point due to a fidgety toddler that had to be put to bed. Phil Beeson took notes for the remainder of the meeting.