July 2016

July 20, 2016

Location - Fleur De Lis Hookah Cafe, 1451 S 1st Street

Meeting Start - 7:09 PM

Welcome - Phil Beeson into to the Fleur De Lis Cafe and its owner, Grey.

Guest talk from Multifamily Homeowner’s Association (John Crum and Kim Mowder)

  • The purpose of the Multifamily Homeowner’s Association is to improve the quality of the rental stock and improve the quality of the tenants in Old Louisville.

  • They do this by sharing information, investing in their properties, adhering to property quality and tenant quality standards

  • Check out oldlouisvillerents.com for more information!

Treasurer Update - Eric Cowley

  • This meeting constitutes the last effort for Eric Cowley as interim treasurer. Doug Humble will continue in his capacity to officially sign checks. Is anyone else willing to step up to fulfill the accounting role and keep the books?

  • Spring Fest earnings: we were hoping to earn $15k to $16k from Spring Fest (last year we got $17k from the event). We ended up earning $23k despite the rain. As of the July meeting we have approximately $47k in cash in the Toonerville accounts.

  • The idea of hiring a professional bookkeeper was also discussed, but no official decision was made until further research and price quoting is done.

Motion to approve April TTNA meeting minutes - Seconded by Eric Cowley - Approved

Reminder to submit troubled properties recommendation to Karen Jaracz to push along in city foreclosure and auction processes.

Toonerville Trolley Park Updates - Dan Mason

  • Metro Parks has granted $50k to use in the next 5-6 months towards Toonerville Trolley Park, after heroic efforts by Dan Mason.

  • Options were discussed regarding redesigning the rain gardens at Toonerville Trolley Park (they are currently full of weeds)

Neighborhood Improvement and Beautification Projects

  • Main priorities are moving forward with projects at Toonerville Trolley Park, and replacing the alley fence at Fort George.

  • We are looking for 2-3 folks to explore options, designs, and get quotes for the fence at Fort George. Todd Lewis volunteered to help with securing the fence quotes.

  • We would like to spend $8k on 12 additional Toonerville banners, to continue with the branding and beautification efforts of the neighborhood.

Social ideas

  • Future social ideas discussed include having a party Movie Night at Fort George with an inflatable movie screen.

  • Doug Wetzel also discussed potentially hosting a Fall Party.

Reminder: Please sign the petition for holding a wet/dry vote for voting district 124. You can sign the petition at Toonerville Deli.

Meeting End - 7:53 PM