August 2015

Meeting Start - 7:20pm

Dan Mason-

  • Welcome to all neighbors and friends.  Special thanks to Kroger, Councilman James and Old Louisville Pizza Company for donating food and tables for the event.

Budget Review:

  • Thanks to Doug H for efforts in consolidating the neighborhood finances.
  • $30k in Toonerville account following Springfest - Majority of the funds are restricted to various expenses related to the Dog park and Toonerville Park.  However, there are several thousand dollars available for neighborhood banners/street cleaning and Springfest Kickoff next year.

Ft George Flag Raising 

  • Flag raised at Ft George which flew of the US capitol building in honor of Captain George Grey -
  • Thanks to local VFW and color guard for the flag raising ceremony 
  • Doug Humble motion to donate $250 to the color guard thanking them for their efforts - Phil Beeson 2nd motion - Motion passed with all in favor.

Upcoming Events:

  • Final design of pole banners approved.  Early next year Toonerville will be branded with a new logo and pole signage specific to our association
  • Springfest working sessions will be coming up this fall.  Reach out to Dan if you have an interest in helping.
  • Stay safe - Recent garage break ins and other petty crimes have been on the rise.  Call 911 and watch out for your neighbors.

Meeting End : 7:29 pm


Next Neighborhood meetings will be held September 24th @ 7:00pm  at New Legacy Reentry Corporation: 1115 Garvin Place.

This is a non profit that reached out looking to meet individuals in our neighborhood.  

They work with ex-offenders and homeless veterans to provide practical job skills and incentives for starting businesses.  They will be hosting at their facility and will provide a quick overview of their program and more detailed tours following the meeting for anyone interested.


Contact info:

New Legacy Reentry Corp. Gisela Nelson

              1115 Garvin Place

              Louisville, KY 40203

              (502) 276-0660



               Facebook: New Legacy Reentry Corp.