January 2015

Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

January 22nd 2015

Welcome of neighbors and recognition of new members. Meeting was held at Smokey’s Bean.  Special thanks to Erin for hosting after hours.

Dan opened the meeting by asking for a vote of approval of last month’s minutes.  All voted in favor and there were no objections or questions.

Installation of 2015 Officers and Board:

President- Dan Mason

Vice President – Doug Wetzel

Secretary – Phil Beeson

Treasurer – Doug Humble

Executive Board Member – Nancy Woodcock

Executive Board Member – Erinn Lee

Executive Board Member – Barry Kornstein

Agenda Items:

Ramiro's Mexican Restaurant (Dan & Ramiro)

 -Ramiro and his team are currently in the exploratory phase of opening one of their restaurants in Old Louisville.   

 - Ramiro expressed his interest in the recent development on Oak Street and some of the other investment in Old Louisville as a large factors for a restaurant plant in Toonerville.

 - Ramiro’s main focus is on authentic Mexican cuisine with a family friendly environment.  One main concern about the OL location is parking, safety and an economic base which would support a restaurant of their size and style.

 - Several members of the neighborhood were polled and provided personal interest and desire for a restaurant like Ramiro’s to locate downtown.  Many neighbors are not happy with the current dinner options and feel they must leave the city to find desirable food.

 - Other members mentioned the community of Old Louisville and many homeowners intentionally choosing a lifestyle of buying local and walking to destinations.  

 Ramiro’s is currently exploring many different restaurant location options and the timetable for relocation will be predicated on a variety of internal factors.

Ramiro’s contact: http://ramiroscantina.com/contact-us/


Update on 2015 Spring Fest: (Dan)


- Starting this year Toonerville is taking full ownership of Springfest.  Springfest has historically been an annual event on the 1200-1300 blocks of 1st street which hosts local artists and small businesses.  In recent years, administration had been a burden providing Toonerville an opportunity to own the event. 

 - This year Springfest will be held on May 15th and 16th:  Please hold those dates and come out to support the efforts of your neighborhood!

 - More information can be found here: http://www.oldlouisvillespringfest.org 

 - As a result of ownership, all proceeds will go to the Toonerville Neighborhood Association.  These funds will greatly assist many of the efforts currently underway inside Toonerville Park and Ft George.

 - 15 people have stated their willingness to help plan 2015 Springfest and are currently working to solicit sponsors, vendors and integrating with Louisville Metro.

 - Targeting 150-200 booths this year with a variety of products and services.  The goal is to have a distinctly local feel that works in slight contrast to the St James Art Fair.

 - The focus of the event will be to highlight Toonerville, all the new and upcoming properties and people moving into this area.

 - Special thanks to Anheuser Bush for becoming a major sponsor and printing all marketing materials and printed items.

 - Heaven Hill Distilleries will be providing the bourbon for the famous “bourbon slushies” which has become a highlight each year.

 - To date, almost $17k has been committed from sponsorships with more expected.  Councilman David James has committed $4600 in support.

- All of the food will be provided by Food Trucks.  

 - Please consider becoming a sponsor.  In the near future signs will be made and distributed to individuals who support @ $50 or greater.  All sponsors making that donation will be invited to a local house party (details forthcoming) to be hosted by local residents.  Be on the lookout for more communication and direction.


Second Vote on proposed C2 Changes in Old Louisville (Dan/Doug)

-OLNC has been working to amend some of the zoning/business use ordinances in Old Louisville.  The main goal has been to allow a broader range of business types and uses.  

- The next vote on the proposed changes to a C2 zoning classification is centered on a more clear definition of “corner commercial” use.  TTNA supports this amendment.

- Doug Humble was given authority to vote on behalf of Toonerville at OLNC events at our last meeting.  Please contact him with any questions or details.


Old Business Status (Dan)

- Ornate trash bins – TARC has sent several engineers out to various stops to evaluate location of a few trash bin relocations.  Details coming soon

- Toonerville Park – David James has stated that cameras will be installed in the park sometime this summer (after July 1)

- Sidewalk work- Call 311 if you see any dangerous sidewalks.  Repair work is progressing but city funds are low so timetables are uncertain.  Neighborhood pressure is needed to expedite the issue.

- Dues – Please pay 2015 dues.  $25 per household.  


New Business:


- Fort George- LG&E is finishing up work to run electricity to Ft George.  It is anticipated that lights will be functional by the spring.

 - Bookkeeping hardware – Doug requested funds to acquire needed hardware for neighborhood bookkeeping.

- 501c3 status- Final paperwork should be in place before Springfest.


Closing: 8:05 PM