October 2014

 The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Dan Mason

·         We raised $1736.00 in net profit at the St. James Art Show - $100 was a donation from Michael Mawood

·         Mathew bought a bench fro the park ($1400)

·         Roger Davis and his partner are hosting a holiday party on 12/12 at 7PM (130 W Ormsby)

·         Howard Rosenberg, Andrew Owen, and Leah made a presentation regarding the proposal for the OLNC to recommend that the city council change the allowed usage list in the TNZD zoning (the zoning for most of Old Louisville) as follows

o    The neighborhood center, transition zone, neighborhood edge, and corner commercial areas throughout Old Louisville would have their allowed usage list changed to match the list for C-2 zones.

o    The main benefit of this would be that it would be less confusing for business owners and local government to understand weather or not a particular type of business is allowed to operate in old Louisville

o    Major concerns in opposition to the proposal were that there are certain items within the C-2 allowable usage list that would be undesirable

o    it was moved by Doug Humble and seconded by Aaron that the TTNA vote to recommend the proposal.  The vote was 10 Aye to 2 Nay

·         The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM