March 2015

Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2015

Meeting start 7:00pm

Doug Wetzel welcome

·         Thank you to our host, Dan Borsch and Toonerville Deli. Thanks to Scott for the great food.

501c3 Update: Roy Denny

·         Review of TTNA conflict of interest policy for 501c3 application. This contract includes board member responsibilities, procedures for such situations, annual disclosures required by board.

·         Once this contract is approved, Doug Humble will sign off on the paperwork and the 501c3 application and fee will be submitted.

·         Doug Humble motions to approve conflict of interest policy for 501c3. Mari Lively seconds, the motion is approved unanimously.

Approval of Feb minutes

·         Susan Miller motions to approve Feb minutes. Doug Humble seconds the motion. The motion is approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report

·         Report not on hand. Estimated 8k – will review at next meeting.

Guest Speaker – Vanessa Burns – Director of Public Works, Louisville Metro

·         Ms. Burns and her department oversees sidewalk & street cleaning, garbage, bulk trash, road maintenance, engineering services, sidewalks, paving & potholes.

·         Review of potholes & road repairs process. To put in a service request, call 311. Department does repairs on on a ‘grid’ system to cover all districts equally. Road conditions were particularly bad this year due to poor quality pavement used.

·         Department requested $112 million this year for road repair, received $6 million. Inadequate funds have the city ‘treading water’ in road maintenance efforts.

·         Review of collaboration between road repair and utility crews. Ms. Burns states that there is poor coordination between streets & utilities. There has not been an established work flow to communicate paving and water line scheduling, tendency to undo and redo work. Efforts to improve communication between departments needed.

·         Addressing repair issues with utility cuts. The department is trying to determine the best way for departments to communicate and work as a group to make sure utility cuts are done right and less likely to have road degradation.

·         Review of street sweeping: Ms. Burns states that TTNA is active and vocal about sweeping issues, however notes that of the city’s 5 largest neighborhoods, TTNA has the largest number of noncompliance with parking.

·         A pilot program will be implemented starting next round of street sweepings, the 2nd round of the year. Signs will be posted permanently with the set schedule, noting the month/day that street is to be cleaned, cars to be moved (weather permitting). Traffic service and street sweeping departments are working out this schedule. Note: the schedule will alternate sides of the street.

·         Union issues have complicated using impound for towing enforcement. An outside contractor may need to be used. If cars taken to impound, outstanding tickets would have to be paid.

·         Ms. Burns will be working with TTNA to develop a communication plan to aide compliance. The education component could include door-knocking effort, newsletters, etc.

·         The city has a small number street sweepers for Louisville’s population density. Councilmembers could fund additional street sweepings, Ms. Burns will have a better idea of that cost after a couple of sweepings.


Spring Fest: Doug Wetzel

·         Thank you to those who stopped by and volunteered at our Spring Fest on Saturday night to welcome our vendors and sponsors.

·         Spring Fest signs to be put up at the beginning of April. This has been a successful promotional and fundraising project.

·         The committee is continuing to put attention on tv ads, newspapers and social media, and billboards along I65 to assure that Spring Fest is well promoted.

·         60-65 vendors have signed up, with over 150 total diverse booths and attractions participating across the event.

·         We will need a volunteer to manage the TTNA booth. If you would like to volunteer or know someone who is interested please have them contact the board.


F. George & Park Updates

·         Update from Nancy Woodcock. Inspectors did a final pass for electricity in Ft. George. LGE will be running the wire next week.

·         We are in planning phase for a July 5th afternoon event running form 12pm-6pm – mark your calendars. The day will include a flag raising ceremony and act as a celebratory opening of Toonerville Park and new developments, including electricity, at Ft. George. Over the next 30-45 days we will be working to confirm food trucks.


OLNC: Doug Humble

·         There has been an uptick in crime in January-February. The police have put out a notice that people have been going around knocking on doors acting like solicitors. If homeowners do not answers, they’ve kicked in back doors and robbed the home. If you see anything suspicious, please call the police.

·         To contact our division resource officer for vacant buildings, Christopher Kitchen, you can contact him directly at 502-574-7010 or


Old Business – Doug Wetzel

·         Thanks to those who have stepped up to provide funds for private street and sidewalk cleaning, 3k was raised as needed.

·         Starting next week, the private cleanings will start with a 3-step phase. Each week, 1st, Brook or Floyd will be cleaned, making a 3-week rotation. This will include all sidewalks, alleys, and side-streets.

·         Vote – proposal that TTNA will not pay the balance of this service, but will receive and pay the bill with funds from sponsors in an individual account.

·         Chef Maria’s is open and will have their liquor license in 10 days.


New Business – Dough Humble

·         We will revisit TTNA officer terms at our next meeting to discuss and vote on suspending/extending our current 2-year office term limits. The motion is approved, passed unanimously.


·         Doug Humble looking for someone to volunteer to do Brightside cleanups. Rather than full street cleans, we may focus on the parks. Ray Robinson and Maddie Stevens are willing to help coordinate this effort.


·         Dues are $25. Starting next month, Doug Humble will refer to a TTNA membership list and provide voting cards for those who have paid dues.


Next Door site

·         A reminder from Gene Oliver-Cerrosi to utilize the Next Door Old Louisville community forum, which has seen a spike in new members.


Meeting adjourned 8:01PM