June 2014

Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

June 26th 2014

In Attendance: Dan Mason, Philip Beeson, Nancy Woodcock, Doug Humble, David James, Dustin Hensley, John Miller, Susan Miller, Karen Jaracz, Kyle Jaracz, Ray Robinson, Doug Wetzel, Rich Devine, David Brown, Roger Davis, Dennis Raisor, Kyle DeJute, Andrew Preston, Donnie Adkins, LaTassha Duarte, Mari Lively, Jay McTyier


Welcome of neighbors and recognition of new members. Meeting was held at the Toonerville Trolley Park.

Dan opened the meeting by asking for a vote of approval of last month’s minutes.  All voted in favor and there were no objections or questions.  Treasurer Barry was not able to attend the meeting and a more detailed discussion of the neighborhood finances will be discussed at the July meeting.

Dan and Doug highlighted efforts and progress for having TTNA tax status be changed to 501c3 vs 501c4 as current projects and donations are not tax exempt.  Doug is still working with local tax professionals to make the change.  Expect further information at the July meeting.

New Business:

Councilman David James:

David introduced himself as the TTNA representative with the Metro Council.  He visited the TTNA meeting to see the progress at the Toonerville Trolley Park and take neighbor questions.

David’s Highlights:

·         July 8th at 10:30 there will be the official opening to the street scape project.  This project starts @ Oat and 4th but will work west to Floyd.  It is an effort to widen the main Oak corridor to encourage pedestrian traffic and the opening of storefront businesses/restaurants.  There will also be new landscaping, trees and benches to enhance the overall ascetic.  Bus stops are also being relocated as the 4th and Oat stop is one of the busiest in the city.  Final plans/renderings are available for view on the councilman’s website. 

·         On Crime:  Overall violent Crime on OL is on the decline, but petty offences remain a problem.  Neighbors are encouraged to call the police and report any suspicions activity or potential concerns.  Extra police officers have been given to the district which should be seen though OL in the coming months.

·         Any neighbor is encouraged to reach out the councilman with questions specific to them that the city has not been able to address. 


Kim and Dave Mowder

·         Purchased the old Charlie Ray’s and are starting to renovate the property.   They have currently pained the exterior and are fixing the patio.

·         Their first official renter is a breakfast/brunch provider who is working to have service available by the end of summer.

·         Kim and Dave are currently polling residents for suggestions on what other types of food would be welcomed into OL.

·         Their goal is to enhance the neighborhood and they live on 3rd street and want to see this area grow.

·         The July TTNA meeting will be held at the new location.


Dan Comments

·         Summary of initiatives in the park.

o   The old playground equipment has been torn down and new “modern” equipment will be constructed after the $85k is raised. 

o   Look for a new construction sign to be placed highlighting the project in the park.

o   Old picnic tables have been removed to keep loitering down after sundown.  They will be replaced when the park reopens.

o   All lights are to be fixed that are burned out or damaged.

o   A few trees are being removed while others are being trimmed.  Look for the grounds to be refreshed.

o   There is currently about 5k raised for the 85k playground equipment.  After phase 1 is officially complete, TTNA will host a party in the park to raise money for this new project.

o   TTNA park clean up: members are encouraged to set up weekend times where neighbors get together for clean up days.  More information to follow.

·         Dog park- we are waiting to open the dog runs because there is not access.  New locks and doors are on order.

o   There are plenty of permits available for the dog runs.  Mention that you are a member of TTNA and securing one should not be a problem.

·         Ft George: Plan to make Ft George a pleasant place to visit.  Long term vision is to have some working lights and walking paths for evening use.   If you are interested in assisting with anything at Ft George please reach out. Dad and Susan are also making efforts to gather more history about the space and those who are buried there.

o   Ft George Open Items: working to security a liability policy and acquire a “private property” sign.   There has also been some damage to the perimeter fence which TTNA has contracted with a local company to repair in the coming weeks.

·         Sidewalks: Repairs on the 1300 block of 1st street are going well.  “Historical Mix” is being used and progress should continue north on 1st over the next month.

·         TTNA @ the Tavern: Look for more information about TTNA social gatherings at the Tavern.  Goal is to engage with neighbors on a regular basis outside of formal monthly meetings.

Member Concerns

·         Litter Boxes: How do we get them?  Large metal ones are almost $900

·         Street cleaning: can we get street cleans in the fall rather than multiple times during the summer

·         Funerals at local churches: Recent problems with long weekend funerals keeping residents from parking.

·         Next meeting will be at Charlie Ray’s.  July 24th.  Look for e-mail about the next meeting.

Closing: 8:15 PM