June 2015

Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

June 25th 2015

Meeting Start @ 7:11pm

-Special Thanks To Dan Mason for hosting the garden party-

Dan Mason Welcome

  • 501c3 is now in place for Toonerville. This means that all dues and donations can be taken as tax deductions for our members.  It also allows companies to donate and grants to be written directly to the neighborhood.  This was almost a 2 year process from start to finish.
  • Spring Fest-   Even with the rain, Toonerville should clear close to 18k in profit from the event.  The majority of this money will be rolled into next year's event to help promote Toonerville and attract new and larger sponsors.  
  • Recent rise in some petty crime and theft around certain areas of the neighborhood.  Call 911 if you see anything weird or questionable.
  • In light of the recent events @ 4th and Oak, one of our Spring Fest Sponsors, Bottled, has seen a drop in sales.  Please visit their store and support them during this lean time.
  • Many new trees have been planted along 1st street.  New "gators" have been installed to help keep them hydrated.  Feel free to water trees if you see one that looks dry our unhealthy.
  • Toonerville park is progressing quickly.  New trees and lights are finally up and phase 1 of the project is almost complete.  Sept 5th (pending city approval) we expect to have a Party in the Park.  Look for opportunities to serve as we want to have food trucks and other events hosted at Ft George.

Close 7:33 pm