July 2015

Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 7pm.

July 23 2015

TTNA Treasurer’s Report – Doug H. – he is not ready for a full report, but is close and will have a report that we can send in the coming business days.  He understands that the numbers are needed asap for several projects.

Ownership of SpringFest – Dan announced that we have officially signed an agreement transferring the ownership of springfest from OLNC to TTNA.  Agreement has been forwarded to Phil to file.

Short Term rentals in Old Louisville – there is an upcoming metro meeting to discuss short term rentals and Air B&B on 08/15.  This was sent out in a separate earlier email.  Eric Brown said that folks can contact him too if they have questions.  He is a supporter.

Light pole banners for toonerville – the detailed info was email to the neighborhood earlier in the month.  Estimates were gathered by Paige Harlow.  A motion was presented by Mari Lively to approve the $5,300 spend and invoice / design as presented.  It was 2nd by Doug Humble.  Motion passed with no one not in favor.  Dan will let Paige know to move forward.

“Party in the Park” to celebrate the opening of Toonerville Trolley Park will be canceled – we cannot service alcohol at the event. 

2016 Garden Tour will focus on Toonerville…  please sign up asap… this information was communicated via email earlier in the month.

Precinct M124 in Toonerville is “dry”.  There is a petition to have a special vote to reverse this.  The group had a lengthy discussion – pros, cons, why it was originally voted dry 15 years ago, what the law actually says, the fact that we as an association can challenge liquor license applications, etc.   More to come…


KRS 242.230(1) provides that “[n]o person in dry territory shall sell, barter, loan, give, procure for, or furnish another, or keep or transport for sale, barter, or loan, directly or indirectly, any alcoholic beverage.”

 Sonya Semones

Assistant Director

Division of Licensing

Alcoholic Beverage Control

1003 Twilight Tr

Frankfort, KY 40601




The meeting was called to close at 8pm.