February 2015

Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

 Feb 26 nd 2015

 Meeting start 7:28 pm

 Dan Mason welcome.  

  •  Special thanks to Kim and Dave for hosting  and providing  hors d'oeuvres
  •  Approval of Jan Minutes
  •  Doug Humble motions to approve Jan minutes. Mari Lively 2nd the motion.   The motion approved unanimously.

  Welcome of Chef Maria 

  •  Chief Maria prepares authentic Greek cuisine with an ever changing/seasonal menu.
  •  New location opening this month near 1st and Oak residing in the old Carly Rae’s.  
  •  Old location was out east but did not have enough space for dine in customers.  The new Old Louisville location will have plenty of room for tables and families.
  •  Alcohol will be served pending approval of liquor license. 


Guest Speaker - Jeana E. Dunlap – Assistant Director / Office of Vacant and Public Property Administration

  •  Metro faces a wide range of real estate issues.  One of Jeana’s main roles is to oversee the land bank and demolition programs; in addition she works with the newly implemented foreclosure program which is the focus of tonight’s discussion. 
  •  Currently there are over 6000 abandoned properties in Jefferson County.
  • The Vacant and Public property administration has been tasked with removing the barriers to placing vacant properties on the market.
  • This process begins with a citizen or group filling out the VAP form which will put the property in Metro’s queue.  If an owner cannot be found then the city will expedite the property to be placed in line for a commissioner’s auction held every few weeks.   Timing of this process is dependent on various pending fines and legal issues, but usually is a 6 to 9 month process from start to finish.
  •  If there are properties you have questions about you are encouraged first to find the legal owner via public record.  Many times there are other public records/services associated with the property owners that can be leveraged to bring legal action if a property is not truly vacant or in disrepair.   The next step is to file the VAP form if no owner can be reached.
  •  Residents are also encouraged to call 311 if there are obvious city violations, unauthorized users or other safety issues at a vacant property.  The direct 311 line is 502-574-5000
  •  TTNA brought two specific properties to Ms Dunlap for a more detailed inquiry:


o 1143 1st street.   Property currently has many code violations and other pending city fines.  Residents are encouraged to call 311 with specific issues on this property to apply pressure.   The property does have a clear owner and other methods of city enforcement s are needed before VAP form would be helpful.

 o 1261 s. Brook.  The city has recognized this property as abandoned.  Approximately 2 years ago the property was managed by a women's halfway house.  The house is owned by a nonprofit which has since been dissolved, leaving the ownership rights in limbo.  There is still some confusion regarding specific contacts as the nonprofit has changed hands many times over the past 5 years   

  •  TTNA was encouraged to file a VAP form for this property.  Philip Beeson brought the motion to file the form and Doug Humble 2nd.  Motion passes.  Philip who lives next door to the property will file the form on behalf of the neighborhood and provide ongoing updates.


Treasure Update: Doug Humble

  •  Current TTNA financials are in transition between reporting systems.  QuickBooks should be up and running by the March meeting.
  •  $1000 approved to have a local attorney finish the paperwork to file the 501c3 information with the IRS.  This formality in needed to establish TTNA as a truly tax deductible non profit.
  •  OLNC will provide the grant for all funds collected on TTNAs behalf in the interim.
  •  Third Street Association has asked for a donation of $200 from TTNA to help establish a Historic Preservation Scholarship fund at UK.  This fund would allow for UK to host an intern that would do work on behalf of Old Louisville.   


 Spring Fest: Dan Mason

  •  We have solid commitments for donations for Spring Fest of nearly $28,000.  Thanks to everyone who has donated time or money.  This year the effort is being driving by the Toonerville and the goal has been to make the event distinctive for vendors and sponsors.
  •  To thank current sponsors (anyone who has given $50 or more).  There will be a party on March 21st with Heaven Hill bourbon and Wine tasting by Bottled.  More details to come.   
  •  Order your Spring Fest sign!  Donate $50 or more to receive a yard sign to place in your front yard to promote the event!
  •  There will be mailers hitting Old Louisville later this month.  Be on the lookout.
  •  Vendor/Artists will be invited to an after party @ Mag bar after the opening night of Spring Fest.  Volunteers are needed for this.
  •  Vendor applications continue to pour in.  This year we are targeting 150 booths (local artists/business).


Ft George: Nancy Woodcock

  •  All electricity is working and in place, lights will be put up after the winter.
  •  Be thinking of ideas about how we can promote Ft George this summer.

  Street/Sidewalk cleaning: Dan Mason

  •  The city only cleans streets and sidewalks a few times a year.  While this process is improving, there is a need to keep Toonerville looking more presentable. 
  • We will request bids for Private Street cleaning and see if neighbors are willing to help subsidize this cost.

OLNC: Doug Humble

  •  Dough Wetzel motions to give Doug Humble flexibility in voting @ OLNC meetings.  Nancy Woodcock seconds, the motion is approved.


 Meeting Adjourned 8:27 PM