August 2014

Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

August 28th 2014

In Attendance: Dan Mason, Philip Beeson, Nancy Woodcock, Doug Humble, John & Susan Miller, Irene Spencer, Tom Woodcock, Tomas Edison, Erin Lee, Ray Robinson, Mari Lively, Roger Davis, Greg + Patty Murrell


Welcome of neighbors and a big thank you to Smokey’s Bean for hosting this month’s meeting.

Dan opened the night by calling for approval of the July Minutes.  Doug Humble put forth the motion, Roger Davis 2nd, the motion passed unanimously.


501c3 application is complete.  Small bio’s from all of the board members are needed to include on the documentation.  All board members please send Doug a few lines about yourself ASAP.  Once application is finished TTNA will be able to receive donations as tax deductible.


·         OLNC has created several new task forces to address some of the issues in Old Louisville.  The first one that is being launched is a business task force to understand the various dynamics of running and operating small business in Old Louisville. 

·         The Old Louisville Visitor Center is considering changing their name to: The Historical Old Louisville Visitor Center in Central Park.  Name approval pending.

·         New OLNC Website is in development.  Current site is down.

Ghost Walk:

·         The Victorian Ghost Walk is actively seeking actors and volunteers for its  three-night tours in Old Louisville on Friday-Sunday, October 17-19, from 7:00-9:00 pm.  To volunteer for acting jobs, contact Chazz Peterson at


·         Ft George cleanup is next Monday (Labor Day) @ 9:30 AM.  Bring work gloves to help clear up the space.

·         Electrical work is about to start.  There needs to be power to the park before lights and other facilities can be installed.  The hope is to light up a flag in the park ASAP.




·         Please contact Phil if you are not on the monthly distribution list:

·         Website: A new website for TTNA is currently in the works.  The goal is to have it live by St James.  We will be publishing a calendar and letting members pay dues online.


·         TTNA Park:  Current construction on new sidewalks, new trees are going in and the dog run is being cleaned up.  Metro Parks have stepped in to complete the work, so look for Phase 1 to be wrapped up in October.

·         Goal is to have a fall celebration in the park to commemorate the completion of Phase 1 and fundraise for the playground equipment.

·         Playground equipment is designed and ready to go, funds just need to be raised.  Around 86k is still needed before construction can begin.

·         Reach out to Dan if you would like to help planning the fall party.

·         St James:  TTNA will be setting up a booth this year.  We will be selling dog treats to raise funds for our Neighborhood.  We need volunteers to run the booth, look for more info on how to sign up.

·         Sidewalks- many areas are dangerous and uneven.  Councilman James has been good about working through the open list but takes a picture and send to Dan if there are any issues around your home.

·         Waste Baskets: TARC will pay for a new metal wastebasket if it is near a bus stop.  Working to get those installed where applicable in Toonerville.

Closing: 7:45.  Members were encouraged to stay and get to know each other following the quick meeting.