April 2015

Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

April 23 2015


Meeting Opening: 7:06pm

Special thanks to Bottled for hosting the meeting and providing appetizers and drinks.  They also were sponsors of Springfest and helped to host the sponsor party earlier this year. More information about their new store can be found below:

Neighborhood News:

·         Smokey’s Bean is moving locations into the old Oak Street hardware store.  The new store will be located on 1st and Oak and is expected to be open this summer.

·         Toonerville Deli is now open.  They serve deli sandwiches by day and pizza for local delivery in the evenings.

Guest Speaker: Officer Christopher Kitchen, 4th Division – 502-574-7010

·         Burglary, theft and other petty crimes are the major issues facing the department in Old Louisville.

·         Thefts from unlocked autos are a consistent problem for the neighborhood.

·         Connected and engaged neighbors can help reduce these types of crimes dramatically.  Do not hesitate to call 911 if you have issues or concerns.

·         Many neighbors are concerned about panhandling and other persistent individuals who are engaged in illegal activity.  Metro PD is working to create special smaller tasks forces for area specific crimes.  Calling 911 when you see illegal activity of any type helps create a record for city planning.

·         If there is a specific issue that you want addressed please contact Christopher.  He can only request extra resources from his superiors if he can build a case from neighborhood involvement and historical data. 

Agenda Items:

March Minutes Approval:  Doug Humble motions, Winston Oliver-Cerrosi second.  Motion approved.

·         Street cleaning – Private company has been paid through neighborhood donations and is now underway.  Work will progress from 1st to Floyd on a set calendar through the year.  The city also did a great job of cleaning the city.  Over 250 cars were towed to facilitate this effort.

·         Springfest:  Over 150 booths scheduled to attend and volunteers are still badly needed.  Please make every effort to attend and support the neighborhood.  All money goes to TTNA this year.

·         Ft George: Electricity is now working in the park and the lights are functional.  Plan to have a July 5th party to celebrate this space.  Be on the lookout for upcoming volunteer opportunities for this event.

·         501c3 Status: Doug H is in the final steps of solidifying this effort.  This status change will allow all donations to TTNA to be tax deductible.

·         June 6th Clean Up @ Toonerville Park.  Please join in helping to prepare the space for spring.  More information coming soon.

·         Next Meeting @ Water Step.  625 Myrtle Street.

New Business:

·         Doug Humble motions to suspend a bylaw requirement which limits officer term limits to two years.  The suspension is to remain in effect until January of 2018. Ray Robinson 2nds the motion.  Motion passes.

Meeting Adjourned: 8.01 pm.