December 2017


Meeting Start Time - 6:59 PM

Location - Old Louisville Pizza & Pub at First & Oak Street

Toonerville Trolley Park update - The playground equipment is now installed at Toonerville Trolley Park (On Brook Street between Oak and Ormsby). This is the culmination of several years of work, primarily by Dan Mason. The playground equipment is beautiful and includes sections for climbing, sliding, and swings.

Fort George Fence - The old Fort George fence along the back alley has now been removed and brush/trees have been cleared. The new fence will be installed later in January.

Treasurer's report - as of the December meeting there was approximately $12,900 in the TTNA accounts.

New officer elections. Following new officers and board members were elected for 2018:

  • President - Kirk Stewart
  • Vice President - Ray Robinson
  • Treasurer - Joan Stewart
  • Secretary - Josef Spalenka
  • Executive Board Member - Dan Mason
  • Executive Board Member - Nancy Woodcock

Springfest 2018 brainstorming ideas up for discussion:

  • Potentially hold the event at Toonerville Trolley Park & Fort George instead of on 1st Street.
  • Hold a one day event, rather than a 3 day event (less security and other costs, more concentrated crowds)
  • Potentially have better live music, and maybe a paid VIP beer garden area
  • Hold Toonerville historic walking tours during the event
  • Discuss timing of the event: later in the spring/early summer?

Form a Springfest committee to flesh out ideas more and start planning Springfest: Todd Lewis, Kara Lewis, Kirk Stewart, Joan Stewart, Josef Spalenka, Linda Ross. First Springfest Planning meeting is January 16th, 7 PM.

Announcements - If you get a chance check out the "Winter Wonderland" light display in Ouerbacker Court!

Meeting End - 7:50 PM

November 2017


Meeting Start Time  - 7:10 PM

Location - Ross family home 1324 S Brook Street

Open and Welcome - Dan Mason

Review and approval of the September meeting minutes (also uploaded to website) - Josef Spalenka. Minutes approved and seconded.

Treasurer's report - Joan Stewart distributed paper copies of the November Treasurer's report, and discussed specific line items. The scope of Mark Stallard's private street cleanup services was discussed: scope is garbage and sticks on sidewalks. Fall cleanup is usually $800 to $900 for leaves on sidewalks and catch basins.

Toonerville Trolley Park update - New playground equipment has been delivered to Metro Parks and will be installed this Winter. Please make an effort to use and love the park as much as we can. The more we are present and engaged with the park the better it will get in terms of safety, beauty, and investment.

Elections - Next month (December) we need to hold elections for new TTNA officers and board members. TTNA President role takes a time commitment of probably 8 hours per month.

Springfest - Springfest is the Toonerville calling card and major fundraiser for the year. Dan Mason has to step back from running it this year. We discussed ways to reduce costs and improve fundraising profits, for example by moving the festival from the street to Toonerville park. 

Springfest brainstorming meeting: We resolved to hold a Springfest idea brainstorming meeting on 11/29 at 7:30 PM at Ross family house (1324 S Brook Street). Josef Spalenka, Jeff Ross, Kris Stewart, and Joan Stewart will attend the Springfest brainstorm session.

Old Louisville Night Flicks - Trisha Siegelstein, is working with Weyland Ventures to host monthly outdoor movies next year on the second Saturday of each month (June-October) in the parking lot of The Edison Center. The programming for Old Louisville Night Flicks will be a little more grown-up than the family night movies that are typically shown such as Moana and Sing. You're going to get to see Aliens, Blazing Saddles and Beetlejuice (or the like), which will appeal to an audience with a wider range of ages. A family friendly film will be shown in September. The Edison Center is the perfect place to host the outdoor movies because people can walk in or drive and park in the lot. Chairs, blankets and coolers will be allowed. You can also expect a food truck or two and an adult beverage vendor. The Edison Center will open their lobby to allow guests to use their restrooms and they will likely set up a concession stand. We are currently looking for a donations in the range of $500-$1000 to help this vision come to life. Genscape is sponsoring the August movie. Looking for donations for the remaining budget. Old Louisville Night Flicks also will likely need support from a 501c3 to handle receipt and distribution of funds.

New Business:  We discussed ideas of what we would do if we had more funds. Ideas included contributing towards Ouerbacker Court annual Halloween event, an open-air gazebo for Toonerville park, additional landscaping for Fort George, improved maintenance and landscaping for entrances to Old Louisville (I-65 offramps to St. Catherine Street).

Councilman James update:  Councilman James discussed recent metro public works initiatives:  new goal of $23 MM in road paving per year, plans for Oak Street streetscape investment and 2-way conversion, laser scanning all sidewalks in Jefferson county and strategically repair. CM James mentioned that the suburban council persons don't understand the importance of urban alleys, and it is hard to fight for funding to maintain them.

Meeting End - 8:22 PM

September 2017


Meeting Start Time - 7:06 PM

Location - Old Louisville Pizza & Pub (1st & Oak Street adjacent to Toonerville Deli)

Toonerville Crime & Safety update - Jessica Morrison 4th division resource officer

  • Introduced Jason Grissom, new officer in the 4th division.
  • Arrests (drug related) were made at the problematic buildings at 1203 1st street, 3 occupants were arrested. Issues should be resolved for the time being.
  • Shot Spotter microphones (for detecting gunshots and responding in real time) are installed in Shelby Park and Old Louisville. The information feeds directly to a mobile phone app to law enforcement so they can respond to gunshots quickly. Shot spotter can distinguish gunshots from fireworks, firecrackers, etc. All shot spotter detections for the previous 7 days (prior to TTNA meeting) were East of I-65 in Shelby Park.
  • If you see prostitution activity, please take a picture of the license plates in involved and call it in. Suspicious but non-emergency activity can be called in to 574-7111.

Approval of August TTNA meeting minutes - seconded and approved.

September Treasurer's Report - Joan

  • Paper copies of Treasurer's report were circulated.
  • $588.87 charge was for the services of our new professional bookkeeper, $450 charge for private street and sidewalk cleaning, deposit from Councilman James came through.

Toonerville Trolley Park update

  • New Playground Equipment has been ordered and will be installed in the next 3-4 months. We chose "option 2" and bright paint colors.

Fort George Fencing

  • Lally was selected as the contractor and a revised quote has been received. The association voted to move forward with fence replacement in August. New estimate is $9,628. The fence will be moved in away from the treeline by 3 feet and new posts will be added to the south side fence line as well.

OLNC (Old Louisville Neighborhood Council) updates - Ray Robinson

  • Virtue Bar owners came to OLNC meeting. Their liquor license only goes to midnight. Having open house tomorrow 5-7 PM. They do not appear to be a strip club as was previously thought.
  • Old Louisville Live is one of the main uses of OLNC funds as a way to give back to the community, because the benefit goes to everyone, versus scholarships which are much more concentrated.
  • OLNC is thinking of starting a Spring Home Tour, to complement the Holiday Home Tour?


  • Please consider stepping up as a TTNA board memeber in 2018 - elections will be in December - we need to identify candidates for: President, Vice President, Treasuer, Secretary, and two Executive Board Members.
  • Please consider stepping up to be on the Springfest 2018 Planning Committee - meetings need to begin in December.
  • Old Louisville Parents Group - please join other Old Louisville Parents and kiddos at 1328 S Brook Street at 10 AM on October 14th for a neighborhood brunch hosted by Duncan and Jacqueline Smith. For more info, email -
  • Tree Planting - We still need to get memoranda of understanding signed for property owners along the 1300 block of Floyd Steet, in order to have a tree planting. A small group will go door-to-door to try to collect completed forms.

Meeting End - 7:36 PM

August 2017


Meeting Start Time - 7:06 PM

Location - Fort George (1261 S Floyd Street)

Open and Welcome - Dan (and gave a brief history of Fort George)

Approval of July TTNA minutes - Motion seconded and approved

August Treasurer's Report -Joan

  • Joan passed around paper copies of TTNA expenses and monthly ending balance for the period July 25th through August 23rd 2017.
  • We are still waiting on 2 SpringFest Sponsorship checks to come in: $4k from Councilman James, and $2,500 from OLNC

Restoration of Toonerville Trolley Park - Dan

  • Metro Parks has allocated funds in the 2018 budget for playground equipment and to remove two unhealthy trees.
  • The playground equipment will be installed between the old gymnasium gate and the community garden.
  • The design choices for the playground equipment will be made and equipment will be ordered in September, and installation will take 3 to 4 months total to complete.

Fort George Fence: Need to make a decision on moving forward with one of the following bids for replacing the Fort George Fence

  1. Louisville Dirt Jobs - $24,580 total, breaks down to Aluminum Fence labor and materials ($21,562) Demolition ($3,018)
  2. Lowes - $8,299 total, includes materials labor, removal and hauling of old fence
  3. Pohl Iron and Wire - $57,014, replace all fence with iron fence
  4. Lally Construction - $10,493 total, breaks down to $5,693 for new fence labor and materials, and $4,800 for demolition and hauling old fence.

VOTE - Motion to accept Lally Construction bid, contingent on receiving the $4,000 donation from Councilman James for SpringFest. Vote passed with all in favor and none opposed. Note: We will explore options for saving as many trees along the fence line as possible by moving the fence a few feet East from the original fenceline.

Tree Planting project for 1300 Floyd Street - Chris Glasser

  • General application for tree planting as well as tree species and locations has been completed for the tree planting project at the 1300 block of Floyd Street.
  • Next step is door-to-door canvassing to obtain permission and signed MOAs (memoranda of understanding) for the homeowners at the tree planting locations.
  • A temporary "tree planting" committee will be formed to help with the tree canvassing of homeowners.
  • We still need to establish an official date for the tree planting, and the city requires 30 day advanced notice.

Please consider stepping up as a TTNA Board Member in 2018 - Elections are in December.

Please consider stepping up to be on the SpringFest 2018 Planning Committee - first meeting begins in December.

Meeting End -7:59 PM


July 2017


Meeting Start Time – 7:05 PM

Location - Old Louisville Pizza & Pub at 1st and Oak Street

Open and Welcome – Dan Mason

Approval of April minutes – Josef seconded and approved

Updated content on TTNA neighborhood site – Anything you want to add to the neighborhood website? Let us know!

July Treasurers Report – Joan

·         Squarespace account needs to be moved from Phil to treasurer (Joe to reach out to Phil)

·         Waiting on Springfest Donation from Councilman James

·         Mark Stallard sidewalk cleaning. If you see any dumping or any street cleaning that needs to be done, tell Dan and Joan so we can pass along to Mark Stallard. Also call in 311 Metrocall for large items that need to be picked up.

New TTNA Banners have been hung and repaired – Dan and Joan

·         There are still 2 TTNA street banners left. Consensus was to hang both of the remaining banners on Floyd Street.

Update on Springfest discussion for 2018 – Dan and Joan

·         Dan has to step back from planning SpringFest in 2018, so others are encouraged to step up and take the lead next year.

·         We had about 125 Vendors, Artists, and Food Trucks at Spring Fest last year.

·         2018 Planning committee kicks off in December 2017: one meeting in December, and one meeting in January, and planning ramps up more in the Spring leading up to the festival.

Fort George update – Nancy

·         The damaged tree has been taken down. We will put down grass where the tree fell down. Fort George is private property so we can put down new trees anywhere we want on the property without specific permission. Doug offered $100 donation towards a new tree at Fort George. Luv-It Landscaping might donate a tree.

Tree Planting Project: 1300 Block of Floyd – Chris Glasser

·         There is a plan in motion to plant 25 to 30 trees along the 1300 Block of Floyd some time in October

·         Support needed from Toonerville

·         The city has a list of approved trees. With wide easement, we could plant some big B and C sized trees. The city has trees and they have a permit one has to fill out to plant trees in the public right of way. To submit this permit, we need approval from neighbors who live next to the right of way. The owner is responsible for replacing the new tree, if it ever dies, so we need community buy in and people living adjacent need to approve planting it. There are grants to reimburse for new trees you plant. Reimbursement only happens after the planting.

·         Chris Glasser is also part of B4L, (Bicycling for Louisville). B4L would like to share the event with TTNA and OLNC, and share the responsibility of recruiting volunteers for the planting. We’re going to need volunteers to actually plant the trees.

Motion to plant trees at 1300 Block of Floyd – Seconded and Approved.

New Business:

·         There have been recurring issues with all 3 houses immediately South of Toonerville Deli: 311 campaign and contact the mayor? Garbage and syringes and ambulances.

·         We need a fence for Fort George. Next meeting [August] will focus on getting bids for the fence and making a decision to move forward on fence replacement.

Motion to adjourn, seconded.

Meeting End – 8:10 PM